Monday, May 31, 2010

New T-Shirt Blog (United and International) ...

Here is the link to the blog (and surf "Older Posts" too, I basically put everything up last night). Or you can use the Post's Title as a link, either way works fine.

Now here is the exposition: To get ready for Comic Con, Johnny B. Gerardy and I have set up a blog to show off T-Shirt designs that we've made. You'll recognize some from sketches posted to TAG in earlier days, but some that you recognize have been retooled and sent through Illustrator to be vectorized.

Question for TAG: I've set up a system for donating to Paypal as payment for anything ordered from the blog, but does anyone know of a better solution for this? I'm open to learning more about it because I want to also get this T-Shirt thing of on a good and proper footing, but I don't want to go through that CafePress thing because of the overhead and all.

I look forward to any comments!!


  1. Nice designs. Kali has some background selling through Etsy.
    I think you should talk with those wild cowboy entrepreneurs, the comiv book store owner. The ones like Meltdown that have t-shirts. Find out what they look at for ordering. It might be worth a Diamond distributors ad. Paypal sounds smart.

  2. Are you printing the shirts yourself?

  3. That is my plan, Kali. I now have funds to finish the Gun Nose project (hopefully in time to preview at Comic Con) and to put a small T-shirt screen business into my garage. The reason I'm not fond of CafePress is that you put designs out, but the product is expensive and the benefit to the creator is minimal. If I'm going to work that hard to market, I don't mind doing some / most of the work in order to maximize the profit.

  4. BTW: you sort of look like a spy in your new pic. Sort of a "Danger Diabolik" look (complimentary, of course).

  5. Good idea!

    Hahahahhaa, thanks! I gave the barber a photo of Jean Seberg and said, "give me this!"

  6. You know one of the original TAG people is in the Tshirt printing business.
    Megan Tsuyuki
    Friend her and ask some questions

  7. Team InkNBurn!/group.php?gid=337100681550

  8. Thanks, Ellis. I'll ping her today and let everyone know what I learn.