Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random question

I wanted to make little postcards of my Trigun drawings. If I don't sell them, and just give them away, am I in the clear?


  1. I think the worry is any time you reproduce stuff and sell it, the legal staffs can come after you. You could sell original one of a kinds of a copyrighted character all day long.

    It's also fairly recent. I looked at the wiki on it and a new outfit is gearing up for DVD releases for the recently acquired rights. So "recent" and "new owners" might make the postcards a chancy enterprise.

    You can probably give away as many as you'd like. Making a legal note on the back or something about copyright.

    I've done my share of pirate stuff and in one case I made some money on one project. It kind of haunts you. You probably shouldn't give yourself the worry.

    One dodge my criminal mind just cooked up. SELL Maude a Macher card and get a FREE Trigun card. In other words a semi sneaky way to sell 20 times more Maude Macher and Dumb Duck cards with this incentive deal.

  2. Thanks!

    Ya that's totally what I was planning. Like when someone buys something off my etsy, as long as I have them in stock they'd get these free cards of my take on trigun.

    I pretty much wanted to make them for myself hahaha.

  3. I've got the first disk of trigun coming ny way from netflix