Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fishing for Tai ...

Hi, people of TAG. Through the good graces of Joe Shoopack, I am being considered for a PR position at Sony Online Entertainment, better known as SOE. I am currently putting together a new set of recommendations that includes PR / Marketing bosses I haven't spoken to in literally 15 - 20 years (but they're still out there, subsisting). The person who is shepherding the resume currently is Tai Rodriguez, Senior PR Manager at SOE. Does anyone know anything about her? Knowledge is power, so I am hoping to become more knowledgeable about everything before next week. No detail is too small. I look forward to your postings and will read them avidly.


  1. I'm currently on vacation but I'll be back next week and ask around about her.

  2. You rock, vacationing Tom Moon! ...

  3. Sadly, she's after my time... I'm afraid I can't help you out.

  4. There is no interview scheduled. Last Fridy Joe Shoopack took my resume in and set it on her desk (after making sure that she is the one hiring for the position). He encouraged me to contact her and I did via email and phone. On the phone (she was already out of the office by 4pm on Friday) she said the usual blah, blah about "We'll review your resume next week, have HR and Corporate Communications check it out and we'll be in touch if we feel there is a good fit." ... So I'm trying to become more relevant so I can actually secure an interview. Long answer for a short process. Thanks, Tom. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  5. I listed:
    - Joe Shoopack
    - Mat Broome
    - Doug Cooper (original co-founder of Cooper/Iverson Marketing)
    - Laura Walcher (original co-founder of Capener/Walcher PR)
    - Chuck Osieja (Creative Director at Microsoft Games)
    - Alan Wasserman (used to run Rockstar San Diego ... now he's in Seattle with Chuck)
    - Rick Schmitz