Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ghost Provokers-Zana-Scott-Good Times

Spent last evening with Scott and Zana and the Ghost Provokers at The Warner Theatre in San Pedro. What a palace.
Zana, her friend Katie and I spent all our time in the hot Basement doing a photo still series that Zana directed and shot. I was a serial killer-Michael Myers type and Katie was my victim.
I was exhausted after the deal and since Zana worked at least twice as hard as anyone else, I assume she'll sleep through July 4th.
I can't wait to see the shots. I'll put some video on youtube but it will be unlisted so you can only see it if you have the links. Some of Zana' frightening make up work on Katie. I'll put links in the comments section.


  1. Last Shot Set Up


    These are unlisted. You need the url given to you to find them.
    If Zana wants them down, I'll take them off. I will post the one where I caught a ghost in the theatre. Ghost Provokers are in the theatre because it is famously haunted. I may have caught the clearest supernatural event on my cheezy little vado cam.

  2. Scott, you make deranged look good!!

    Provoke on!