Monday, October 10, 2011

Recommending a Podcast

Click Title for link to interview with artist George Coghill. A little back and forth discussion I enjoyed enough to download.  I may play it every other day for inspiration on how to think as a freelance artist.
I'm trying to speed up at cintiq drawing. Doing fun stuff, copying Bruce Timm. One cool thing I've done is add undo to the pen button. Very quick undo's of line strokes.
Just after midnight. So the second Timm copy can count as a Tuesday contribution.

I've been using my tumblr account to post animated gifs. Goofy animations that I just take a couple of minutes to do.


  1. Nifty, although I'd rather see Ellis drawings that I can copy!

  2. Cool! But kind of freaky. The robot keeps crushing those guys but they just keep coming back...

  3. Thanks Deane. Yes, I needed to hang with that file awhile longer to really bring life to the anim. Slight "boil to the head position, maybe a light cycle in the eyes and some anticipation on the big grip. Maybe Ill get to it. It's animated entirely in photoshop as a psd

  4. I'm sure whatever changes you make will be good. This is all beyond my capabilities.

  5. I was browsing, looking for a photo. A photo of two old, rich, fur wearing women in an elevator. They are each holding a dachshund dog that has turned into a little demon of flared teeth and lunging violence, going for each other.
    This photo was part of some blog on Grindhouse type movies. This is a movie called Elevator To The Gallows.
    I can almost hear Mitchum saying "Build my gallows high baby.' Out Of The Past?
    I just liked the car and may watch the movie today. Netflix streaming.
    atrocitynights (awful blog title for movies)
    I'm thinking that photo maybe a Warhol. I never did find it.

  6. Notice how faulty my memory is. Maybe why my memory sketches suck.

    No teeth from either dog. No furs on the women. And they aren't in an elevator.