Tuesday, October 11, 2011

been awhile.....

Heres some more sketches from the book


  1. Jimmy!!

    Always great to see you post. Love watching the way these are developing. Really nice handling.

    And hey--boobies!

  2. Great work. Taking a lot of your past work you should prep a PDF for a lulu book of these.
    Here's a link on easy PDF creation. But first look at lulu. They allow you to download a template for their book.
    PDF Creation
    I'd recommend a design per page, not ganged up.
    I need to do a few new lulu books myself. Focused , niche stuff. That Coghill podcast is a listen I recommend for you.

    You'll all have heard about it. Here's a link if you haven't

  3. I was at this affair where this picture was taken (Doug's house)
    Be Jealous
    Krayonzilla. Work on the profiles. Drop the mark denoting the fold of skin from nose to the side of mouth. Look at you Loomis idealizations. Do a side by side graphing of one of your superior full frontal faces, running measure line over to your profile. Figure out that cheekbone and socket. Your profiles are great opportunity for the design turn arounds.

  4. Beautiful work Jim! Good to see your stuff again.

  5. Yup... these are really quite extravagant and pleasing to look at. Haute (spelling?), proud, sad and one that might actually be happy. Keep on drawing them and keep on sharing them!

  6. Thanks all, It's been awhile and I've been sketching lots of these ideas. I usually do these late at night while lying on the sofa watching TV. I just wanted to get a bunch of them on paper so I can take them to the next step in finalizing the finished art for presentation.

  7. Wonderful drawings as usual. What type of pencil did you use for this?
    I like the one in the upper left and the one in the lower right the best.

  8. Thanks D. I used my standard Mitsubishi red/blue pencil. I just converted it to Sepia/Umber like color in Photoshop

  9. Jim, let's talk about that one in the lower right, and about your transforming me into Rowena Ravenclaw for Halloween ...