Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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The thing below is an old digital painting I made into an animated gif in photoshop. It's only 4 frames right now. I'll probably go back in tonight and pump up the fx and the smoothness
Warming up. Going to do some digital sketching today

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  1. Fine and dandy to make this work sample.
    Next is to take a whole lot of stuff, (bad art) that I have as scans and turn those into personal projects. Records a guy can easily leaf through.

    I'll probably edit this sample volume by adding digital drawing boards to the front. Recent work.

    When my copies (ordered 10) arrive, I will glue a disk folder in the back and include this work plus additional work I can add onto a disc right up to the CTN expo.

  2. how much do you get per book? or how much do they get?

  3. They get all of it. 6 bucks and some change. I could monetize but what's the point. Make 20 bucks? In fact, I've been looking for the button to make it a free download. I just want it in the right peoples hands. This is really much cheaper and better than any kind of product you'd ever produce at Kinkos and it's delivered to my door. I got 10 copies for about 75 bucks including shipping. Should get them in a couple of days.

  4. I'm uploading it to Google Docs right now. That will be a backup and probably an easier way to share it.

  5. I still have an old comic con sketchbook you gave me from years ago. I take it out and drool over the tasty drawings.

  6. Thanks Mike. You're inspiring me tons with the Jack Davis, energy-filled illustration.

    Here's the main PDF on google Docs.

    Front Cover


  7. Thanks Ellis. I don't which is more humbling -- that you mentioned me in the same sentence as Jack Davis, or that you claim to be inspired by my work. Your drawings have been inspiring me for as long as I've known you!

  8. BTW, I tried to download the pdf from google docs, but it didn't work. Not to worry, cause like I said, I'm buying the book.

  9. Hmm. I'll check that download. Look above for reaction to your public works spots.

  10. Thanks Rick! Mine have supposedly shipped. Maybe Monday. It'd be nice if it was Saturday.
    You should do a few cram packed with sketches lulu books. A real natural is the Nearsighted Comics content.

  11. Yeah, I want to put together a couple of books... hey.... those might make good Christmas presents! Brilliant!

  12. I'll do a blog post on my step by step on PDF creation for Lulu. Very easy ( of course, I can do it.) But I'll make it look so easy you'll have to do it.

  13. You didn't ask to USE my art in a demo ON YOUR BLOG. Please REMOVE IT and use your own...I'm sure YOU have plenty. I really hate it when you DON'T ask me first. Anyway erasing PART OF IT does NOT JUSTIFY your actions either. My art IS NOT posted for your amusement in your digital Frankenstein experiments. You have done this in the past and YOU keep doing it. Why don't you USE Mikes or Ricks?????? OR JEFF's instead???? Kindly Take it down.

  14. there. it is now saved as a draft. I'll stick other work on it with the same data.

  15. "yeesh. will do" That's all you got to SAY? I don't know what it is with you and jacking with My stuff. You know it pisses me off. But most of all YOU DIDN'T ASK me first. Like that's a HARD thing to do.

  16. As far as permissions go and who I use. I was about to step off and animate that piece that Marty did of me on Granny's porch. Which might also involve a little Cork animation.
    Lighten up.
    There's an entire transgender balisong gang in Indonesia with that image as a tattoo on their backs. You post something on the web, you have said goodbye to a lot of copyright expectations.
    I did your piece screwing around with masks. It's just part of what I have in my animating gif folder.

  17. 1. You DIDN'T ASK ME. I expect that courtesy from you.

    2. I could have said NO PROBLEM, IF you had asked.

    3. Leave my stuff OUT of your experiments Unless you ask, If I do it THATS MY business, it's mine. I don't mess with others work unless I ask for permission, I expect the same from others.

    4. And lastly....You can ASK me first. This is NOT difficult...a very simple request. Whats so hard in the comprehension of this?

    5. This is a real peeve of mine and I expect artistic courtesy in this from others as well. ASK me first for USAGE. Especially if it will appear in a place not in my domain or selected location.

  18. Ellis, you have my permission to jack with any of my posted art anytime you want.

  19. Thanks Mike. Now I'm tempted to dig into some of the sketches I have backed up from Heavy Iron. I might finally learn how to draw Remy.
    KZ is just very sensitive where I'm concerned. It smacks of condescension to goof with his work. And one of my personal chambered notions and beliefs is that nothing makes you want to kick someone in the head more that being condescended to. Which makes it a world full of potential head kicks out there for a guy my age, with my looks, with my accent in the middle of Los Angeles.

  20. condescension????? Just look in the mirror bub. Fact is you have jacked with me in the past and you continue to do so. I've TOLD you time after time NOT to do it and still you CONTINUE to do so. Condescension, get REAL. I'n STILL waiting for an APOLOGY, and you know what I'm talking about. But hey, some of these guys can keep thinking you are saint.
    I know better and I've known you longer than most. So don't put any blame in my corner. You take too much for granted when dealing with others. Condescension, oh please.

  21. First. I apologize.

    And I don't know what you're talking about. Make a bullet list of those non-saintly things and post it.

    While in the mood to do my how-to on Lulu book making, I had your art in a file opened.

    Your art because it was detailed and finished and easy to put on an alpha background. I was working on doing reveals. Revealing high detail is cool. And on that piece I never got anything that made me happy.

    But it made a good incidental backdrop for my frame grabs of menu pull downs. That's it. I was not jacking with you.

    How many people do you imagine I could even induce to stumble across that page.

    Relax. Hope you are still raking in the freelance bucks hand over fist. I'm hands off all Gorham art hereafter. So help me God.

    I'll see what I can do about getting the Koch Bros to leave you alone as well.

  22. 1. Seems copyright and the RIGHTS of the artist has no meaning to you.

    2. Like I seem to TELL didn't ASK, You didn't even CONSIDER to ask me. "I've got it up so I just used it". I expect a bit of courtesy from ANOTHER artist. Your just out there willy nilly grabbing stuff is not an excuse.

    3. It doesn't matter HOW much traffic YOU DON'T GET to your blog. It still didn't give you the RIGHT to do what you did WITHOUT asking my permission first. You see this is a "courtesy" I expect from others as well as they should expect it from me. It my work to do as I please...not yours.

    4. Artistic courtesy. I may not be a great artist but I am an artist never the less and expect RESPECT in matters to the USE of my work with appropriate credits, copyright and links to it's use. Just because you can grab it doesn't mean IT's yours.

    5. Sorry you don't understand this but as your pseudo political jab at the end of your comment which is very childish by the way that you HAD dropped to that level just shows me your NOT sincere about anything ANYMORE. I don't know about you but I don't know you anymore that you would RESORT to CHEAP attacks like that. As for bullet points, man that jab says it all. No need to expand on it, it speaks for itself.

  23. Sorry your life is no bed of roses now but mine is NO picnic either.

  24. I thought I was being funny on The Koch Bros comment. On my very last skype call, I said to KZ "F you." and hung up.

    It was on politics and he was weaving the evil Koch brothers into some point he was making.
    And that was about, what, 4 - 5 months ago?

    But I've been genial enough since then. I think I gave you one of the better of your linkedin write ups.

    I'm a straight R Republican and unlikely to hit it off politically with anyone in LA. So I avoid the topic. Politics were the catalyst for getting off Facebook.

    And for that bullet list of non saintliness, just go to politics and the short hand most liberals have for the conservative. That's the non-saintly me.

  25. Is that the apology you're waiting for? Just had a light bulb go off over my head that you might want to be apologized to for the "F you."

    Sorry. That still stands. You and all the Prison Planet idiots can jump in a river.

  26. Jumped in the DEEP end didn't you? Your not FUNNY. The stuff you spew is very hateful, spiteful and just wrong. Maybe you need to go back to the Thumper Belt with all the other closed minded people. You said a whole lot more in that conversation and it was like talking to a madman. I will not be and no longer be disrespected by close minded people. You last comment just shows how UNFLEXABLE you really are. Sorry, the Prison Planet you speak of is in your own mind. I'm glad I'm FREE of the right-wing dogma. Almost 30 years of rah rah flag waiving, kill a commie for mommie, tote the line zombie tripe can only go so far. You last line proves it and the sad part is you BRING it upon yourself by your behavior as you have demonstrated here. In your mind, there is NO WAY but your way and those who disagree are scum of the earth and deserve to die. No CIVIL debate, no CIVIL dialogue no nothing. Sorry I can't accept that point of view anymore. Life is too short to be wrapped it that crap.

    "I said to KZ "F you." and hung up."
    A vile thing to say to someone you have known for over 20 years.

    I take offence to THAT and you should be very disappointed in yourself to even act like that to a person who has been a long time friend.

  27. Once again....the same old baloney.
    Reminds me of a favorite line in a film.

    "You've already been made to look the fool, lets not add the trappings of a clown."

    fits you to a tee, as long as you wear that red armband you'll never grow in spirit. And that's sad. And I pity you because that's all I can do at this point.

  28. I downloaded a Silas Marner pdf. I'll read it as a cautionary tale for myself.