Saturday, November 5, 2011

Radius Gif- and Amazing Transparent Man sketches-Click Headline for my Youtube vid showing off the Lulu book arrival

Watched Edgar Ulmer's Amazing Transparent Man last night. It's about an hour long. Good stuff. Good storytelling

My hula hoop super hero- Radius- as an animated Gif. Bad flames. I backed over my deterioration of the animation by cutting and pasting frames to the animation without thinking.. Kinda still has the effect.
Anyone else remember Tomahawk? I remembered the moment I saw this great line up drawing. Haven't thought of them since I read the last book I saw them in.
And finally...HoopGirl. I have no idea what it means. Or what the red blood platelets might be.


  1. Thanks for asking. He was almost Godlike if he had the free use of his hips.

  2. So he had a mystic hula-hoop? I thought maybe his power was being able to multiply himself by 2 pi and find his circumference.

    I remember that comic. I may have had a couple of issues, but they weren't my favorites. No super-powered heroes in it.

  3. Yes. Tomahawk was safely nestled into a null zone of memory