Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Tuesday contribution

Here's the latest of my single panel cartoons that I've been posting for a while now... click on the title for more!


  1. I was thrown off by not having a "Like" button. What's the count on Nearsighted Comics Rick? You are a man of dogged discipline.

  2. Nice stuff, Rickart!

    Are these Cintiq'ed into life? Glad to see you back on the southland site (where you belong).

  3. According to my numbering system, I'm up to 125 finished strips, 100 of which have actually been posted. I have about 15 or so that are outside of that I did before that numbering system (some posted, some not), and probably another 30 strips that are written an waiting to be finished up.

    I have a tablet PC that these have all been drawn on, which makes it go way faster than ink on paper. The downside is I have no hard copies to sell. The upside is that I actually have the time to do the darn thing.

    I draw them in batches of 10, sketching them all, then inking them all, then shading them all. This assembly line method seems to be working out well.

    Not sure what the Southland comment is about. I'm still in the Seattle area and loving it.

  4. Your other TAG blog. This would be Tag south. I think that's what Marty is saying

  5. This cartoon is not that much of an exaggeration from reality! My stepdaughter is a nurse, and A LOT of her bedridden patients were this big. When it was necessary to turn the patients over into a different position, she had to summon a special hospital "lift team" to do the job. Remember that great cartoon "Triplets of Belleville" where the city was full of enormously fat people?

  6. Impressive work rate, Rick! Your cartoon panels are always fun to view.