Friday, September 3, 2010

Two new concept paintings

Hey kidlinks! I've been trying to fill out my portfolio site with more concept art pieces so here are the two latest additions. I did some character designs for a guy who had the rights to Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Pirates of Venus" license and wanted to create a live action movie of it, the girl is the main female lead named Duare. The other painting is of the Gladiator beast I drew recently. I think I had better success with the beastie, but she works out okay too I guess. I keep learning more and more each painting so hopefully I'll have some newer, BETTER stuff soon. Let me know what you think please!


  1. F!%$ me.....AWESOME. thats all I can say....I'll go and crawl under my rock now. ugh!

  2. Beautiful work. The beastie is the best. Your drawings are so strong I think paintings are always going to be a tough mental leap for a guy that has been line oriented. Wrightson never did get good at it. The moment texture becomes part of the painting, you're stuck with that as a direction. It has to reinforce that you are in a world of texture. Whereas your excellent coloring on CORK is the style choices made for a colored drawing.
    You'll get a good hybridization soon enough. It's already eyecandy good. I am bugged by her shins. Great modeling and lighting and by virtue of that , too much attention paid too them. Highlights on knees? Highlights draw the eye. We don't want to look at her knees.

  3. I makes me want to do some digi painting.

  4. The only thing I can say is I think the woman's pose is very stiff. While I appreciate all that's done with her, she comes across very formal and unwelcoming ... MHO ... (that's My Humble Opinion, Ellis).

  5. You know what would fix it? And I hesitated to mention it before because Buncake's esteem might be low right now. (He's such a hothouse flower.) Having the Princess go on point like in Ballet. Feet crossed one in front of the other. That would fix it. Because right now the shin bones don't go with the feet. There. I Said it.

  6. Sorry Scott... these last few weeks of Summer have been pretty crazy, so I have been peeking in on this blog, but not chiming in very much.

    First of all, great drawings as always. Your work continues to mature and your stuff looks great. I just took another look at your portfolio/website and I have a question for you: What sort of work are you looking to get? It feels like you are casting your net pretty wide. I don't think its a bad thing that you have comics and storyboards and concept work on it, but if the site is meant to get you a concept art gig then the concept work should be at the top of the portfolio (don't use MY portfolio as an example... that thing hasn't been updated in years!).

    If you want to keep the portfolio as broad as possible, then I would still suggest that you put the concept work on the top as it has all the color work. If you have colored versions of your comics work I would scan them for your that section because, again, people are drawn to color.

    The illustration section is nice, but that probably should be at the bottom of the portfolio section as it doesn't directly answer an art director's question when looking at a portfolio-"what does this guy do on-the-job?"

    Probably not the advice you are looking for, but I find portfolio design is a skill that we all can use some help with. Now to see about getting MY portfolio back into shape!

  7. Scott! Stuff looks GREAT.

    Love how you've unified monster's body--really reads. Makes me think you could pop sword a little more--make it just wee bit brighter, maybe? Losing edges really works. Makes me think of that great Friz painting of creature with hug tri overlooking sleeping medieval village...

    LOVE girl: feel her best aspect is disadvantaged when presented at blog-size--I clicked over to larger format and LOVED how you did her face--I mean LOVED it. Yeah, I can see what Ellis is quibbling about with shins, and I think what he's saying can be extended mildly to other parts of the figure--just the difficulty finding right balance between texture & rendering, line & color field. That can be ca-noodled into submission. BUT a much, much harder thing to do in my eyes is the cartoon/3D feel face--and I LOVE WHAT YOU DID WITH THAT!! I'd love to see more of THAT in the portfolio. My thinking is that while many art-position applicants can "render", very few have the sensibility to draw things that really show the way for a 3D CG production--I mean, cool character drawings from viz dev people are great, but a lot of time they are very far from what works in 3D.

    Look at Ranjo.

    This girl's head captures something subtle and really useful to my eye--and I commend you! More! I'd love to see a whole character set from this world. Rick's got a point re: portfolio direction, showing your potential employers work that fits their needs, etc. A nice pantheon of characters from this world would have a big impact, I'd think.

    Also with girl (and monster)--like that you are using subtle colors in there--not afraid of greys. I think it's a sophisticated approach, but I wonder if going back over the "final" image and applying a "color theme" might be worth exploring--again, all for the sake of harmonizing the figure. Like, you could give background on girl a golden tint, and then pump up her orange/magentas just slightly...? Just a thought.