Thursday, December 2, 2010


OK, sorry I've been absent a while, but last night I had a dream that I walked into Neiman Marcus and they had a very large display advertising a line of wooden furniture. Lots of dining tables, desks and chairs, all in satisfyingly clean, modern style, but with one jarring attribute: the wood looked randomly patterned by a sort of suturing. This scarring was of wood, but textured between a vine and a real scar, and it seemed to function the same way--as though different pieces of wood had been joined together in some kind of unnatural natural process.
I loved the "brand"--like a Vienna Secessionist script....
Each table also wore a brand (a literal brand, born of fiery iron, like cowboys to a steer's rear end), and it said "Dok home" (except with umlauts but I'm not bothering to find the umlaut key).


Yes, our Dok. In my dream he'd created a home line.

And the display was interesting--they'd stacked his tables and chairs in an elegant tower that reached maybe forty feet into the air.

Dok, tell me this is true.


  1. Um ... did you have something complex to eat prior to turning in? If not, seek immediate help.

  2. Nice concept. I think they have the computer milling capabilities to pull it off with actual wood. Do the sculpt in clay just as you would if you were going to do it in Bronze. Use orangepeels and other press textures for pores, etc. Then put your drawing board on it when you wanted to use it for anything with single sheet sketching. Best used with sketchbooks providing their own backing. Leather sketchbooks of course.

  3. @Tom--I love this dream! It's totally believable! These tables would be great.

    @Ellis--I'm putting you down for one sketchbook and a dining set.

  4. The brand should be Frankentable. You could also manufacture pianos with this same wood texture. Frankensteinways.

  5. Frankensteinway.
    What a great way to end the day.
    Thank you Tom.

  6. The dream, the table/piano ideas, the logo, ... AWESOME!!!!

    I'm really starting to get into the Christmas spirit.

  7. Yay Beata!

    We really need to find Dok and get his thoughts (and update on the furniture building).

  8. Your dream approaches a Wesnerian level of lucidity. Lucky you, Marty.

  9. Yes. Weesner has a dream book recording he'll share at times.

  10. "Weesner's Dream" sounds like a great novel waiting to happen.