Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gun Nose Cover Artist Revealed ...

There will still be tweaks, and I'll make 'em from here on out.

The cover artist is Jeff Remmer. He incorporated some of Ellis' comments in this final piece and said that his creative effort really did need that kind of critique. Overall, I believe that, fractured though the composition may be, it captures some of the irreverent spirit that Gun Nose represents. And what the hey ... it's done.


  1. Awesome work Jeff Remmer. In another ,alternate universe, Remmer and I made a synergy of mutual interests back in Blue Sky days, went into the comic book biz and made a billion dollars and skipped 25 years of employee status.

  2. I remember Jeff telling me that "Remmer" was a palindrome. Which puts me in mind of this extremely clever song by Weird Al Yankovic written completely in palindromes.

  3. Weird Al is like Einstein. He's on a different level.