Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not a Tuesday drawing exactly...

This is not really a Tuesday drawing, but it is a something I just posted on my single panel comic blog Nearsighted Comics.  I thought this one would be particularly appropriate to share with a group of artists. 


  1. I like it. Very funny. It shows someone with a lot of experience with late in the game advice on their art.

  2. Why is this not a "Tuesday drawing"?

  3. He just has to hit the "Undo" button.

    I think this is an especially good one. I'd like to see you do a series of related cartoons showing how artists have had to deal with the same problems throughout the ages.

    I have this great little short comic book called "Hunter and Painter" by Tom Gauld. In it he has a caveman artist suffereing from creative block as he attempts to come up with something new and different for the yearly cave mural he's supposed to paint for the tribe.

  4. Of course what's especially galling, it's good advice.

  5. Tom: That sounds like a cool comic.

    Ellis: Ha!