Thursday, February 3, 2011

My new passion- Jim Thompson

From The Grifters. Just an incidental character, bellhop type. That inside of one paragraph gets this kind of portrait.
Read The Getaway first. Couldn't believe how much a story could be so much like the movie and so different at the same time.

Added a sketch of Bertrand Tavernier, the director of a Jim Thompson story called Pop 1280.  French name Coup de Torchon ( Clean Slate). The DVD has a very cool, long form interview with him. Lots of discussion of Thompson's writing.


  1. I just finished reading Pop 1280 on the same day the Criterion edition of Coup de Torchon (clean slate) arrived.
    French adaptation of the book. Awesome book, great movie. Very impressive amount of faithfulness to the book considering the wild setting switch.

  2. Since I started my Jim Thompson reading about a week ago , I've read,
    The Getaway
    The Grifters
    Pop 1280
    The Killer Inside Me

  3. Thanks Kali. I tried to post on your blog on your most recent cartoon. But I'm not sure it went through. Blogspot all the sudden doesn't like my cookie settings.