Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday-Tuesday offerings

The middle guy started as a quick note on Anton Diffring. It looks nothing like him. And in the spirit of caricatures that look nothing like their subjects, who do you think I was drawing at the top, the young fellow with kewpie doll mouth and big pompadour?


  1. I give up. Who were you drawing with the pompadour?

  2. It's supposed to be John Cusack. I was watching THE GRIFTERS.
    I just watched INCEPTION lat night. I liked it. I like the weightless hotel moments best. Lots of quibbles are possible of course.
    I noticed the skinny guy from 3rd rock used an ezekial choke on one of the opposition projections. But he used the other guy's arm in a "who's your body" entanglement to do the choke instead of his own arm.Maybe that has a different name.

  3. The face to the left of "Cusack" is from 1949-Naked City. But I knew the guy's face instantly. He was "Fat Caz" in the original The Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3.

  4. Thanks Kali. Sloppy but hopefully a little cool. About two years ago I made a resolution not to post rough, unfinished sketchiness. I've obviously broken that resolution many many times..
    Poverty is about to focus my ass. There is nothing like stark terror to focus the mind.

  5. And to finish the fragment thought, that focus may produce some finished pieces.