Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Doodles-Mummy Thoughts

I did an unconscious doodle of a mummy, and wondered where did that come from. And realized it came from Al-Jazeera-English , coverage of Egypt.
That would be good TV if some of the looters accidentally open up a chamber of Kharis/Karloff-type mummies.


  1. I look at these sketches and I want to combine them into a single narrative. What is the story behind these folks and how do they relate to each other?

  2. That shows you the power of the human mind, supplying narrative where there is none. I just caught up on near sighted comics. Some really strong recent ones.

    I had another mummy idea. Imagine Goliath had been turned into a Mummy. And that his giant-ism was in fact a mutant thing. He continued to grow in his undead state. Attack of the 50 ft Mummy.

  3. Wait a second. David whacked his giant head off. No problem to sew back on I suppose.

  4. That's Mummy Goliath's weakness. Like having a zipper around his neck.

  5. Love it! Mummy Goliath! Run with it Ellis!

  6. We should be thankful: the last 30 years of Mubarak have been so peaceful...not a single mummy attack.

    (I know, I know, stolen from Colbert)

    Your mummy looks extra dangerous! Must be Muslim Brotherhood operative!

  7. The dangerous mummies are Jonny Quest style. Big Stomping Mummies.
    What are you doing Marty? Are you writing?


  9. The "Course" of Annubis. That's gotta be wrong.
    Great to know I can get any Jonny Quest material on youtube.
    It's just a minute in and there's the Mummy.
    I like the way it goes through walls. Wall bulges, strains, and gives that broken celery sound effect and explodes out. Mummy just stomps through in the same lazy way