Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quiet Tuesday

Changed the oil last Friday.


  1. Awesome Ron. That was probably a subjectively quick visit. Working on a drawing. The mind ignores time passage when you are using the drawing part of your brain.

  2. Thanks Ellis, that's exactly true. Gains: some temporal contraction and an artifact of a place and time for the ages.

  3. Ron--great stuff! I haven't been on the site enough recently....Ron, are you going to join the Ellis Exodus from Facebook? Have you been posting there? (I've only read the post, not the comments following Ellis's announcement, so excuse any ignorance)

  4. "I accept this competitive challenge willingly"


    Is that your commentary, or the voice of the man on the tv--or what??

    Whatever it is, I love it.

  5. Welcome back Marty. What have you been doing? Finishing off the writing?

  6. No exodus. I enjoy a good wallowing amidst the nest of lepers now and then.

    "I accept this competitive challenge willingly." quoth the football coach as he realligned from Stanford to the Forty-Niners.
    It has become my mantra as it continues to rattle in my head. The aluring power of high definition sports television press conferences, eh?

    I'm more confounded by the brochure that says "pure power plus". I had to move the "plus" part to another brochure. "Pure" means 100%. "Plus" means adding something to it... rendering it, yes, less than pure.

  7. Did I say nest of lepers or colony of lepers? I should have cut and pasted that stuff before I quit