Thursday, January 13, 2011

A completely re-tooled Cork webpage!

Hey everybody, Please check out the SPANKITY NEW Cork website! It's been completely streamlined and improved and will make posting and blogging a breeze now. My girlfriend is the brains behind the operation, she tackled ComicPress with a ferocity unmatched while I cowered in a corner and lo' and behold a newer, cooler webpage emerged! Now it looks and feels more professional and you know how Tom Moon INSISTS on professionalism. Ranjo couldn't give a rat's ass about professionalism... and Ellis just wants to know where his next sandwich is coming from.

So go to and see what the hell I'm squeaking about. Oh, also, if you didn't know I'm going to be coloring the Cork strips from now on. I did the first six then skipped to thirty to catch up with the Thursday posts, so click on the "First" navigation button to see the beginning few. I'll try to finish off those early ones as I'm able.
I also created a new Cork page on Facebook so go there and "like" it if you can!


  1. Scott, I love the new color versions of your strip. I've never heard of ComicPress, but your new web site is so cool I'm tempted to get a copy. Your girlfriend is one talented woman. How difficult is the program to use?

    A couple of small suggestions: as nice as the clickable calendar is for navigating the strips, a simple "Next" and "Prev" button at the top of the page would be very convenient since that's how you want to read the strip 90% of the time. Also the orange lettering on gray ("Archives for...") is not very readable.

    One interesting thing I noticed while re-reading the first few Corks is how the character has evolved in the time you've been drawing her. For instance, Cork's first line of dialogue ever is, "Yo, Squishy! There's a stale sandwich in your future if you tell me where the hell I am." That doesn't sound like something the Cork of today would ever say. You can notice the same kind of evolution of character if you go back and read some of the early Marvel comics.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Tom. Next -Previous navigation is at the bottom right. It's good. The color is very nice. I also subscribed on RSS on Google. To give the strip numbers for subscription. Click that subscribe button on the page.
    It's also an alternative fun way to look at the strips presentation. The google reader, you can scroll down through the pages in sequence. There you really notice how much the color adds.
    Zana is a genius. I sent her an email requesting private comicpress lessons.

  3. Ah, I see it now, Next and Previous. Was it always there? I already see the page is a little bit different than when I saw it this morning. The "Archives for..." lettering is gone at the top.

  4. Ellis, I'm not sure what email address you are using these days... I may have connection to a Story Board gig for you but I need your current email address to pass on to my contact. You can send it to and then I can give you some more details.

  5. hey Rick . Thanks. emailing you now

  6. Sorry about hijacking your post, Scott. The site looks grand. It's motivating me to upgrade the Nearsighted Comics site.

    BTW- I'm headed to Comic Con! For sure this time! See you there!

  7. Good Con news Rick. I guess I should register. They're making it easy this year. No checks.