Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Version 02

Here's the second version.

The grayscale with seated figure needs a better figure, but it's there to proof the idea.

What sez yah's - More crits please!


  1. Excellent handling of the added detail on the flyer. It supports the main shapes without distracting from or overwhelming them.

    I like the idea of seating a figure on the flyer. Hope to see it fleshed out next version.

  2. Nice improvements. The two shapes in the joystick area bother me. I'd say lose the thin stalked , bulb at the top shape. I don't think we can clearly know what it is. It also has an anti stream line shape that makes it seem very "kluged" on. ( I first heard the word kluge at Leland Corp.)

  3. Very nice! Nice job of "plussing" them out. I don't feel the need to see a whole figure on the bike--I like the urgency of the stick man--but then, I don't possess "art-director think."

    And I disagree with Ellis; I like the sex-toy aspect.

  4. Maybe draw a little highlight gleam over the roll bar. And I disagree with Marty for disagreeing with me.
    Maybe on the REMAINING joystick, have the side closest to the driver be a smooth curve, vs the knobbiness

  5. Wonderful stuff - can't thank you all enough for pointed these things out!

    I think the piece still has a cartoony feel to it.. which I'm going to try to avoid in the next vehicle.

    Thanks again amigos!