Thursday, March 24, 2011

How would you start a facebook account....

That would be some sort of a proxy, non identifier of yourself account.
I need to look at social games on facebook.
Maybe occasionally look someone up.
But I want it one way.
I don't want Facebook to have real information about me.
This wouldn't be the aggregate of everyone you know type of account.

Any ideas?
Random cool jpg added

A guy I never heard of Willy Pogany. Great . clear anatomy on that trouble, buried, upper arm of the horse. Triceps, deltod, bicep  and pects.
The best way to browse back through the asifa stuff is to use Google Reader with an rss subscription.


  1. I guess you can be zinged for doing something illegal. Trying to create a false identity. I guess Facebook considers it a major problem. I consider Facebook making people vulnerable to ID theft the main problem

  2. Hey ! It's Mike.
    Yes, great character page.

    Well, I've got a new facebook account. It will remain a barebones' nothing' with a hotmail address I just created without using my name. No searches for friends and all that stuff.

    Data mine away.

  3. Ellis, I totally understand where you're coming from. I am not opposed to Facebook as something one uses to take the pulse on what's popular, and if I had a business or an enterprise I wanted to expose to the public, I would probably use Facebook with no hesitations. It's throwing my own personal info out there that has no appeal to me. I just don't see much good coming from that, but understand others don't have my hang-up. I see the potential for really positive and really negative things with all the openess that is so pervasive now-a-days.

    There's got to be some way to get utilize Facebook without revealing who you are, but it seems like Facebook's main purpose is to collect data on every single person in the world for ambiguously disconcerting reasons. I guess that's just the cynic in me talking.

  4. I think I'm covered Ronnie. I've used the same phony name for both hotmail and facebook. And the plan is not to expand my profile beyond that

  5. And I'm not the fake identity character that Facebook is on the lookout for. Someone trying to introduce hacker links to the unwary.

  6. That was going to be my suggestion... get a new yahoo mail account that suggests a different name than yours and fill out a new profile with it.

  7. Ellis, I want to know your secret name!

    Will your new FB profile be under this pseudonym, then?

    Elwood Gadsen?

    Elvis Gayson?

    Elmo Goodstyne???


  8. Good guesses Marty. Close, very close. But I'm not using it for friending. Just access to stuff like farmville. I already got a kick trying to run farmville. It always asks that question, can we have access to everything about you, friends profile , etc. It feels good to say yes and know it is accessing zero.

  9. BTW, Is the Slap Happy Lion art by Preston Blair? Looks just like the art from his Walter Foster animation books.

  10. I don't play any of those social gaems on Facebook like Farmville and Mafia Wars, but I don't understand how you can play unless you get people to actually "friend" you. And who is going to friend you unless they know who you really are?

  11. asifa
    Is where I believe I got the Slap Happy character sheet. A ton of great art on this site. A friend of Kali's is one of the main guys with the organization.

  12. Mike Fontanelli, John K, Kali knows them all.

  13. Tom Moon. I'm just interested in UI, avatar look, maybe some game play but mostly design.

  14. Since I'm also concerned about privacy, but find Facebook very useful for certain things (not games, etc), I have 2 FB accounts. One uses a pseudonym, a different e-address, and has only one friend: the real me. Absolutely no other data given to FB, and all settings set to maximum privacy.

    Its only function is to check exactly how much of the real me's info and postings are visible to my friends, especially on their newsfeeds, since the preview you get through your own privacy settings page is way too limited.

    This of course requires a separate login ... I can't "both" be logged in at the same time ... but it only takes a moment, and gives me some peace of mind (as far as other users are concerned, that is; the "monster" behind FB is another matter ... ). One of my friends does the same thing, only he uses pseudonyms on both his accounts.

    Marty: Don't even bother.

  15. Thanks for the reminder I need to go in and tweak all the permissions.

  16. Ellis, thanks for the Willy Pogány link! He was one of my favorite Hungarian artists.

  17. I love Willy Pogany too. He illustrated some of my favorite children's books, the Padraic Colum Greek and Norse myths.

  18. What's your interest in Social Games, Ellis?

    While you are at it, you should have a look at Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma Blitz... I'd be interested in your thoughts about them as someone who isn't immersed in casual games as I've been for the past 4 or 5 years.

  19. Rick, I'm casually working with some other guys. Casual, get it?
    Can't tell you much more than that.
    No money now but you never know where things will lead.
    I will make a point in checking out your games.

  20. Ellis: Social Games, minus the Social.

    Beata: I know, he's totally stonewalling me. Maybe I can create a fake acct, too, and then Ellis'll friend me.

    Elwyn, meet...Marvin Dolis?

  21. It's not a personal deal Marty. The idea is access with 0 footprint. If I friend anyone, I have a footprint. What I want to do if I find someone useful, like a Sherm Cohen who does a lot of storyboard posting, I go to his wall and send myself a message. Then in my messages I have the equivalent of a bookmark without "friending."