Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Captain America Trailer

I dig the emaciated Rogers effect. I assume they have a skinny guy they composite the other actors head onto. Looks believable.


  1. It makes you wonder how the idea gets past the suits, that the best guy for Capt America would be the guy that was previously the Human Torch.

  2. I have to say I much prefer him as Cap than the Human Torch.

  3. I love how they've chosen to accentuate the most Fascistic elements of the Steve Rogers myth--the "only supermen need apply" ethos on view here would warm ol'Adolph's heart.

    And the transformation scene! I expected Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror to step out and lick the condensation off Cap's chest!

    Makes me want to root for the Red Skull.

    And I loved Cap growing up--he was my superhero!

    Am I just an old fogey? But honestly, I don't really need to see Cap popping a cap in someone's ass...

    "I am zee first of many..." 'cuz there was so much domestic Nazi terrorism during WWII?? Glad they're making it, y'know, "topical"!

  4. Ha ha. "Cap capping someone..." - Marty Davis-Word Jester. Apparently there's quite a controversy about Captain America carrying a gun in the movie, but I'm pretty sure that in the early WWII days of the comic he did carry guns. It's the revived Silver Age Cap that carries only the shield. And you're not an old fogey Marty, you're a young fogey and you will be until you hit forty.

  5. If the action is bad and totally CGI, it could be Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull.
    The formality of the posing on some of the action scenes makes it look so-so. The phalanx look of the people popping through the door, the flame thrower squeezeplay ( I wouldn't want to pull that one off.)

  6. Tom, I'm well into fogey-territory.

    YES, he carried a gun in 1941, but those comics are so playful and light-hearted. I don't remember flying bodyparts and exit wounds. And look at they way they filmed that shot--like, "If you thought Cap was tuff with a shield--wait'll you see him with a gun!"

    That's what was so great about Cap--the POPULAR Cap we grew up with--he embodied a non-lethal patriotism. (OK--so maybe a few Baron Zemo's of the world fell into a few vats of acid along the way--on the whole Cap fought hard to PROTECT LIFE--and as a tyke I found that very ennobling.)

    Jim Gorham, dammit man, back me up!

    p.s. did anyone else have the riveting Cap'n American record/comic that they did in the 70's?? It was a version of the death of Zemo, and you could tell losing him in that vat really troubled Cap...a harrowing record. I didn't know if I wanted to be a superhero after that--sounded like those scars ran pretty deep!

  7. I'm betting Cap will NOT carry a gun after he is revived from the iceberg and joins the Avengers in the subsequent movie. Thus his movie development will parallel his comic book development.

    Or maybe in this movie Cap will DEVELOP into that non-lethal hero. That could be part of the morality dimension to the movie's theme.

  8. Does Cap pack heat in the Ultimate universe? From what I've heard, the Avenger set-up films have been following those versions of the Marvel characters more closely than, er, Marvel Prime.

  9. Sounds like a Jim Gorham or Keith Freiheit question. Or a Wikipedia search.

  10. Rick is right, the Ultimates were like movie storyboards for all the members of the Avengers.

    And I really enjoyed the Ultimates series. If old characters and stories are going to be retold for the umpteenth time.. I want a fresh take. The old stories are still there and remain unchangeable.

    We know that there has to be change when a property goes from one media to the other as well. Remember not being able to kill dinosaurs in the 1st Jurassic Park game? It was a ridiculous limitation that actually hurt the game! Though the game was still great despite that.

    All that said, I have the same memories of Cap that Marty has. He used Leadership, Strategy, Tactics, his Shield and amazing Hand 2 Hand Combat Skills. And he was so good at those that he didn't need anything else!

    Though Tom is also right, at times he carried a side arm. If memory serves he also was give Super Strength, at least for a while.

    Agree that the Uberman references are very disturbing! Maybe you could make a case that while Hitler believed in Aryan genetics, Cap was created (from a weakling with a brave heart), by science.

    Believe that back in WWII days, getting a 4F waiver from service left one ripe for social ridicule.

    Sadly, we old fogies are not the primary target for these films. But I'm still looking forward to this one! And Thor!

    But maybe not.. Moondragon The Movie? C:}>