Wednesday, March 16, 2011

last pair sci fi props

With this final pair, the right panel (messenger) seems more cartoony in style than the five other sci fi props in this series. Nyet?


  1. I like both these. I like the asymmetry of the messenger's pipe scheme. I'd like to see it built and rotated.

  2. It looks like a jet-powered eyeball if that's what you mean by cartoony. It's actually my favorite of them all.

  3. Like Tom, I like the latent cartooniness of the messenger. As is, it definitely evokes a head of some kind (pipes=hair, spherical mass=head/eyeball), so maybe finding a strategy to breakup that association?

    That is, if you don't want it to look so cartoony.

    Maybe the pipes could be shrunk/downplayed or otherwise unified (think of putting a shroud over some of them--like a heat shield that covers automotive headers)?

    I see lots of potential for transparency on the eyeball orb, and the things you could put inside.

    Very nice!

  4. ..and I really like the armature, I'm just not sure how big it is/how it will be used. Could be a docking port for a car, could be pocket-sized.

    But I really like it!