Friday, August 5, 2011

Layouts to Keith Freiheit Comic Book Collaboration-1993

Click Headline to see all of them.
Thought about it after I posted the thing, I bet you a donut, I've uploaded and blogged about these before and forgot about it. I'm losing my mind.


  1. You meant Keith Freiheit, right?

  2. Thanks for posting this one Ellis. I don't think you've posted this before; I don't recognize is.

  3. Yes Tom. I should have done an internet check on the spelling.

  4. I like your comment about the Sleeper re-awakening someday. A good creative partnership would get you going again.

  5. Yeah. Jobs are sorta collaborations. That's why I get work done.

    I've been reading and writing and making notes on story ideas. I've got a Cowboy movie semi plotted. It would be a web comic coming from me.
    Inspired by an incident in BLOOD MERIDIAN by Cormac McCarthy.

    Just finishing up the book YOUR SCRIPT SUCKS. Great bullet point book about script writing.