Monday, August 8, 2011

The Ghost Provokers need YOUR HELP!

We're trying to raises money to help fund episode three of Ghost Provokers shot at the historic Warner Grand Theater up in San Pedro and we've set up the project on Kickstarter! We have two days left to reach our goal and we're over halfway there. Kickstarter, if you don't know, is a cool place to help get donations for your creative project be it video, film, comics, documentaries, books, what have you. It's a really cool place and depending how much you donate you get cool merchandise or prizes from those soliciting! Stuff like getting your name in the credits, a Ghost Provokers t-shirt, Ghost Provokers DVD's, etc! Small or large donations welcome!

So check out the link and bleed those greenbacks out of your philanthropic veins! You'll also get to see exclusive content from episode 3 that only those who donate can see. Two days to go! If we don't reach our goal we get nothing! So please send around this link to friends who might be interested. If we make more than we asked for it could fund episode four!


  1. I'll do some PR and put it on twitter. I'm up to 12 followers.
    By the way, good idea, pasting your head onto the "old body" Scott.

    Hope you make it.

  2. The promo was very funny. I like the quick clips of you doing all the physical stuff on stage.
    I want to see what you did with the piano you were rolling around.
    Do you think you could get away with some "@" stuff on twitter. Like sending the note out to @GhostAdventures
    Everyone that follows that show then sees your deal. Kickstarter stuff isn't exactly spam.

  3. I tweeted this. See if the hashtags find any money.

    ellisinculver ellis goodson… 24 hours left to help The Ghost Provokers do funny stuff #ghosts #paranormal
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  4. I donated! Scott, you guys are gettin' dang close to your goal--good on you.

    Provoke on!

  5. I donated a paltry sum.
    How does it work. I assume you can "donate" the remainder yourself in the 11th hour. So you don't lose the amount you've got.
    Have you done Craigslist?

  6. Thanks for the donations guys! Awesomeness. Ellis, were you Bob Dobbs or something like that? We can't donate to our own cause, it violates their rules or some such nonsense. But we're only $252 away from our goal so we're hopeful someone comes trhough in the final 7 hours! If not I'll kill myself then the rest of you.

  7. Frank Dobbs is Humphrey Bogart's character from The Treasure of Sierra Madre.
    I did this hashtag idea. Went right to the source,

    #kickstarter 6 hours to go! Ghost PROVOKERS! Help these goofballs make comedy gold

  8. Three hours! 250 bucks to go ! Fingers crossed.

  9. Yay! You made it.
    $1523 with 14 minutes late. Still time for that mystery patron to lay 10k on you