Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Old Gouache Sketches

From way back, but I'd just scanned some of this stuff and thought I'd share it.

Y'know, it's Tuesday and all.


  1. Incredible technique; loose but tight if you know what I mean. Which is another way of saying your hand is loose because your brain knows exactly what it's doing. The color and highlights make it look like bronze. Is it? And how did Blair do on her major exam?

  2. Very nice. You're doing stuff with layers in your head. Like Tom said, impressive brain to hand work. I like the stone work ridges through the background shadows. The statue is interesting. All that torso twist occurring under the obscuring, loose drape of the robe.

  3. OOF, I should correct my copy--it isn't Tuesday--IT'S WEDNESDAY.

    Thanks mucho for the kind words, dudes! Yes, it's a bronze--one of the Rodin "Burghers of Calais" figures.

    Blair passed her exam, Tommy--thanks fer asking! I was on my way up to Santa Barbara to celebrate with her, and needed to kill some time.

    2004--a long time ago!

  4. Did you know that if you google "Calais Burgers" it tells you the location of McDonald's and Burger King in Calais? There's also a Calais House of Pizza.

  5. I was so misreading the feet. I'm good now. And much happier with my space relations. I'll diagram what I thought I was reading and post it.

  6. Tom...

    Ellis, I know--the feet look backwards. I think it starts with the feeling of the exposed lower leg--it looks like it's coming forward to meet the ankle, not going rearward.

    But it is.

  7. Nice touch bringing the Norton Simon exterior wall pattern into the sketch. The "Burghers of Calais" is one of my favorite sculptures.