Monday, August 23, 2010


I got an iPad.

Then I downloaded Zen Brush.

Maybe we're looking at the future Brush Pad Breakfast?

(It's my lack of vanity that allows me to post a sketch so half-baked...)


  1. The awesomeness of having good tools for drawing on that IPad. Its size is perfect. By the time I can afford one it's going to be a swiss knife of art options. I like this sketch. Do one of these for caricature clip joint

  2. Did you choose the newsprint parchment as background. I like it. Very newsprint.

  3. Wait, I thought you were supposed to get a real computer first?!? So did you get Sketchbook Pro? This looks great!! Post more! Also, did you post directly from your ipad??

  4. Does it have an erasor? I'd need one. Maybe a feature where erasing a line in half makes it look like two brush strokes?

  5. Ron, E-rasor is my favorite program.

    Zen Brush doesn't have an erasor. SketchBook Pro does, as well as all sorts of other stuff. I have to say springing for the full $8 iPad SketchBook Pro version was very worth it. Zen Brush is like $6? $7? and very cool for brush pen enthusiasts (or otherwise)!

    Jeff: Yes, this is all iPad--but posted from my new computer. It's great to finally have a new laptop, (and new phone, AND new iPad)--BUT the techno knock-on effect has knocked me on my keister. Purchases I've put off for way too long and became really unavoidable, but sheesh, didn't know things could get so screwed up...