Sunday, August 29, 2010

iPad sketch

This is a test to see if I can really post a drawing directly from an iPad. I'm using the Blog Writer app and had to use Photoshop Express to rotate the pic. I love the iPad for sketching. Oh and I use Sketchbook pro and a stylus from Boxwave.


  1. when I click on it, it doesn't chane to one enlarged JPG. I'll see if that changes when I log in. Did you do this in Church? If so, you're going to Hell.

  2. Nope, can't see it big. Maybe has something to do with the post being from an Ipad? Don't know. Dig the sketch. I'd like an Ipad. But I'd use it as much as my other fabulous tools. Which is hardly at all. So I'm waiting.

  3. I get something of a hint you had to become a bit of a hacker to do all this interaction with the Ipad.

  4. (ARGH, I just lost a long comment thru inattention)

    #1 Love these dissipated looking monkeys.

    #2 You have Photoshop Xprss for yr iPad???!!?

    #3 I've only been able to upload sketches via FaceBook app--saved 'em to my photo library and loaded em that way. Trying to find a way to copy that image to my iPad "desktop" and post that.

    #4 I love seeing a Ranjo drawing on the TAG Blog--you are the founder of this online enterprise, afterall!

  5. Is your stylus any more precise than the Pogo stylus for IPhones?