Sunday, August 29, 2010

If Bruce had lived to be OLD.

This photo just creeps me out to think this would be what he might look like today at 70. Sucks getting old for us who have lived longer than he did. He'll always be young forever.

Also the ETD cast as they have faired over the years. Bob Wall looks even worst as I saw him at the Con. The new Jim Kelly was was from this last Con too.

After looking at them, This image of Bruce aged is TOO much, cool BUT too MUCH based on his former cast mates have aged better. So I think Bruce would have too as he was in top condition then and would have practiced his fitness well into his senior years, so he would be in better shape than the other 3 combined. For 60-70 years his face probably wouldn't look so cracked maybe at 80-85. This picture is of a man who has lived a very hard life of physical combat. That would apply to his film persona.


  1. Jackie Chan is not a lot older than Bruce Lee. He was around the fringe of Enter The Dragon. Sammo was front and center of course. So minus the bigger nose, Bruce would look like Jackie Chan.

  2. I guess Jackie Chan is only 56. One year younger than me. Actually, I'm only 56. I turn 57 on sept 14. I've been thinking I turn 58. It's like I've been reborn, getting a whole year back. I really need the ritual with a cake and carefully calculated candles to keep track. And I stll can do a tornado axe kick.

  3. Yep. We will be 57 Ellis. Funny that you forgot how old you will be, because that's exactly what's been happening to me this last year. I keep thinking I'm turning 58. Then I think about it for a second, do the math, and am relieved that I'm a year younger than I thought.

  4. Part of the reason the photo looks creepy is that Bruce's hair is too thick and dark. So he ends up looking not so much like an older man in good shape, as a young man who has contracted a premature skin-aging disease, or who spends way too much time in the sun.