Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Studies of Lloyd "Its a Cookbook!" Bochner

... and a meandering doodle. Part of the caricaturing process for me.


  1. Ha! I love that doodle of you with the Chef Hat. You have a talent for making me laugh Thompson. I don't know if it's just me. That would be a sad little talent I suppose if it was just me. Great Aliens. They go by pretty quick. And there of course you are studying JAWS. Richard Kiel.

  2. AWE-STUM!

    Thompson graces the pages of TAG once more.

    And we are grateful.

    Is this from Ellis's caricature challenge site? (something I truly want to participate in, but just keep getting sidetracked...OK, no more excuses.)

  3. Ellis, yes it was clever of The Twilight Zone make-up department to have the aliens with large chef hat heads. I make others laugh too sometimes I'm told. So it is less sad. Yup, Richard Kiel, watched the concluding snippet on the youtubes.

    Marty, the gratitude is mutual. You've got a great and entertaining talent. This was from practicing drawing Lloyd. I really like doing caricatures but sometimes it takes a while for the lines to fall together in the right places. Most of the time it ends up muddled, sometimes I just get a portrait that sort of looks ok, Like the main drawing on this page. Hits and misses, hits and misses... show us how its done, man.

  4. Ha! I never put together the chef's hat shape with the alien's heads!

  5. p.s. the self-portrait as alien is hilarious and moving.

    I'm telling you, this needs to be published as a book.

  6. Post this to caricature clip joint as well.