Monday, October 4, 2010

400 Blows sketching

Do they look French?
Really enjoyed the movie The 400 Blows.
And the torso standing up is a copy of Claire Wendling's Lions. She's French. The fat headed guy bottom right is Robert Gibbs. I don't think he's French.


  1. Nice! Glad you dug Truffaut's first. Like the ending. You might really enjoy comparing it to Jean Vigo's "Zero de Conduite"(?sp?) or "Zero for Conduct,"a pre-war film that's only 45-50 minutes long. A very similar work, but much more whimsical/magical, less "social realism".

  2. I will look up Zero for Conduct. Sounds good. The 400 Blows had great location work. I guess they worked with cameras mounted on flatbed trucks. Very in and out. But actually feeling very locked down and stable.