Thursday, October 7, 2010

more sketchbook scratches

my OLD Blackwing 602's pencils.


  1. You should name her "Mistress Blackwing" for the honor.

    Jimmy! Great stuff! I am envisioning a kind of Bespin, city-of-the-future filled with a society of these women, running their own world under a kind of benevolent, slightly fascistic government.

    And then--a stranger comes to their world...

    ...a stranger named Krayonzilla!

  2. It is Fancy Tits! I like that. I'm going to see if I can get that started as the new "cool." Fancy Tits!
    I like the new work. You're getting some good pieces. Now put them in flash and put them online doing some cool, fancy tits, shit!.

  3. I like the lower left one. She seems to be thinking aloud, please leave me incomplete and continue to treasure the Blackwing.

  4. In fact...the more I think about...


    Fancy Tits Jim!

    It's a very now professional persona.
    Good studio name too.

  5. fancy tits is NOT where I wanted this to go people. As for the Blackwing girl, I did more on it afterwards but just threw it in anyway

  6. But, but, but, ..Jim?!

    I'm just kidding. And I'm not. I'll pursue the advancement of Fancy Tits on my own. You'll regret your cool reaction to my own cultural instincts.

    I think you ought to move into a smart style for some of your feature notes on lips and eyes. I think with a little more "abbreviation" you'll have them shaped into a more appealing realm. Lips especially are a little overworked.

  7. hahahahahahaahhaahha i created a monster!

  8. I enjoy seeing all your designs, FTJ, but that staff held by the bottom center figure ... WOW! I'd love to have one of those for our 10/29 event (Eerie Evening of Waltz). We always have a Grand Spooky March led by someone holding up a flag or staff of some kind, and this year we need a wizard's staff.

    I was also wondering whether Marty served as your face model for the figure in the upper right ...

  9. I think "Fancy Tits!!" should forever more be the "lodge greeting" for TAG members in or around the SDCC in 2011. Imagine the fun at the Kansas City Bar-be-que ... !! Hey! Fancy Tits, Marty! Yo, Fancy Tits, Brent ... !! Pandemonium ensues.

  10. Beata, Marty was a cutey wasn't he?