Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Did I post this here already? If I did, please accept my apologies. I'm going to post it at BPB, too. Done for my old pal Peet on the occasion of his nuptials. I confess to having a blue pencil under drawing....

I love posting here, I've just been busy! Tom Moon, get yr rucksack on the table and spill some drawings, man! Same to you Dok and Ranjo--we haven't seen nuttin from yous guys in ages...


  1. Pete? That's not Pete Horjus is it? Married? Great drawing Marty. Did he marry Jackie Kennedy?

    You're right. I need to start drawing again. I've been avoiding it, I admit.

  2. Haven't seen it. Great action. Love that line.

  3. TOMMOON!!

    Yes, we really do need to see more drawing output from you.

    Not Pete Horjus, but Peet "Hugeness" Hughes, my erstwhile bandmate, current Mountain Goat and lifelong musician extraordinaire (he's even been interviewed on Weekend Edition, a feat that could only be topped by sitting down with Terry Gross for some Fresh Air). He's the guy I did the "Fangio" album covers for.

    I really just wanted to say "erstwhile."