Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Brush Pen Paris

The Chinese Charlie Chaplin who got his big break at the Bar du Marché.

Actually, I'm just making that up. But he did look like Chaplin. And in a notoriously all-white profession. Fun! I put up the whole thing over at Brush Pen Paris, the only blog that smells like fresh baguette....


  1. Beautiful. Rt Click saved the big one on your blog.
    Dig the skinny character with the fat book in front of him.

  2. Hey, I really love this! Excellent characterizations and I dig the brush work!

  3. The skinny guy I like. Are you doing him as mustachioed? I see where a mustache is an obvious thing to read onto him. But I like seeing him better with an oversized, top shelf muzzle.

  4. Thanks dudes!!

    You got it right, El--the skinny man is clean-shaven, and carries only that muscular upper lip to protect his gaping maw (when it gapes).


  5. I agree 100% with what Scotty said.

    (Did I really just say that?)

  6. The guy on the left with the book reminds me of Eric Shanower after a few hard years spent in a gulag.