Thursday, April 21, 2011

Color underlays

The scifi zamboony has a colorize overlay. But it's grey tones were underlaid.
I like the process of working with the line art that has been filled and alised to alpha.
Much better than multiplying the line art into color .

I took a super, loose, small , thumbnail and blew it up and used this underlay idea. But I'm also working from color photos for my color picks. These colors were from a shot of vacation cabins in Tahiti. That dodges my whole color blind issue. Picking darkest darks, lightest lights right from a photo.
Also, using the Candice channel technique, I advise duplicating the single GRAY channel while in grayscale vs duplicating the blue channel while in RGB mode. Then switch to rgb . The selection channel will travel with the mode change.


  1. These look great!! Is this the mad method you taught me for "Tales from the CORK!"? Very nice stuff.

    I hope you're putting this to use on a comic!

  2. Thanks. The approach is different that multiply down. Especially multiply down with a white field around the art. The smudgey-ness of being aliased into white gets cleaned up a bit.