Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ride Beyond Vengence (1966)

 Tuesday Movie Club.

You should have seen Chuck Connor's hair--for his mountain man scenes they put a wild rug on him. Crazy, man.

(Sorry for the poor Claude Akins & Bill Bixby)


  1. Is Ride Beyond Vengence where Chuck picks a guy up over his head and throws him and it's obvious he's on wires.

    I dig that Claude Akins. Thanks for the heads up. It's Netflix streaming. I can answer my own question. If I remember correctly, the guy climbs UP toward the end of the throw.

    I agree with you on the fire background. Thanks for the input.

  2. I haven't watched the whole thing yet--but it's Chuck at his most Clint Eastwoodian--in fact, the whole setup is eerily like...Pale Rider? High Plains Drifter? One of those.

    But the writer/director/cast are approaching the material in a very old-fashioned way (in Ride Beyond Vengence), which hobbles everything. Fascinating comparison....

    It could have been an unbelievable movie, (Connors is a compelling anti-hero), but looks like they got caught up in some misguided business born of the era's old-meets-new confusion (see Bixby's meltdwn when Connors has him dead to rights--the "psychological" breakdown, and subsequent self-branding--and I don't mean self-branding in the Facebook, me.com kinda way!!)

  3. Check out Claude Akins in The Great Bank Robbery (if you can find it)

    He's a psycho that blames the people he kills for bringing it on themselves. He weeps and curses them for being such scum that killing them was his only recourse. He's great at reaching in somewhere and making himself cry. Funny as hell.

    Kim Novak as Lady Godiva from the movie
    The Great Bank Robbery

  4. Featuring Elisha Cook Jr as Claude Akin's partner, that brings on one of Akin's crying-anger jags.

  5. Larry Storch as a Mexican. Looking a lot like he did as Texas Jack in The Great Race.
    "Listen to Poppa!" is his big line.

    The Great Race's line was "Now can I get me some fighting room?"

  6. You obviously haven't watched enough Courtship of Eddie's Father

  7. Bixby sure never had ta pull a hogleg on Eddie...or his father.

  8. I've just started watching this. The premise is amazing. Chuck is returning to his wife after a successful career of Buffalo hunting. FOR 11 STRAIGHT YEARS! Without contact once with the wife. Expectations of the women folk were different in the wild west era.

  9. Does he just walk in the front door one day and say, "Honey! I'm home!"

  10. I'm at the 38 minute mark. She doesn't recognize him. Slaps him as a potential assault-rapist. I don't think it was a stage slap because dust flew off Chuck's hat.

  11. I saw the last ten minutes of this movie about 45 years ago and remembered the fight scene. It's a super cheapo.