Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boy Genius

First off: !!!!!!
This opens up an entirely new story vistas for our Lil' Okie Ellis/Tales From The CORK comic.

Secondly, I need updates on Joni Gentry (spunky cute and should have found adventure in life, tho' I worry she didn't quite feel good enough about herself), Paula Garland (maybe too stuck on herself--but hopefully all that narcissism fired some ambition), Debbie Garlow (sensible enough to avoid a big head from her own high school popularity, though as life disappointed her, she became a vicious scold), Sharon Goforth (such extraordinary looks made her awkward in high school, and she sought the comfort of older men, didn't she?), and finally the exotic Ellise Franklin (Ellis-e? Ellis? is there a connection there? Were the Oklahoma hills of your birth year aflame with admiration for someone named Ellis??).

Please update us. And give us a clearer scan of Ellis Goodson, boy genius!


  1. I don't know about that Elisse Franklin. I remember all the faces if not the people. But not her. Maybe she was always screwing jocks behind the annex. I wasn't a jock. Would have interfered with chess club.

  2. Always liked to draw Goodson's permanently perplexed brows, fully developed at such a young age.

  3. You know what it is? I have Social Anxiety Disorder. I just learned this.

    Awesome. I'm almost dead and I learn I have an easily treatable mental disorder that untreated ruins your life.

  4. It's never too late to self-medicate.

    Hey, what happened to your yearbooks and stuff?!?! We want MORE, not less!

  5. I felt I was cluttering the joint up. And I got anxious.

    My medication is Toastmasters.

  6. This is now on my Google image hits. The other 50 percent of my image hits are caricatures by Marty davis.