Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tales from the CORK!

I never caught this issue in the original run, did you?

I bet Tom Moon's got it--he's a Cork Completist.

I always wanted to do an EC-style cover--couldn't resist taking this all the way. Learned a lot about coloring, inking, composing, etc. (mainly I learned I'm no Marie Severin when it comes to color!)

Congrats to you, Scott, on 50+ strips of Cork--and here's to yr continued success!

p.s. I've got the straight image up over at Brush Pen Breakfast--plus some more ruminations on sources, inspirations, etc....


  1. Marty does not disappoint...
    Now I want to do a comic book solely so that Marty will do a satire of it.

  2. Guess who right click saved a big version of this. I did.
    It came out beautiful.
    It's sad but true, the guys who can't draw go inside, the guys who know their shit go outside.
    You need to pimp this and a couple of other examples and you may have some very good freelance doing comic book covers.
    Great job Marty.
    I'm tickled to death with the result.
    Here was a Lulu cover for TAG's group of "jam" sketches. Similar in spirit. Not nearly as dazzling in execution...

  3. Marty, Candice visited the site and dropped another great tip into the thread where I illustrated the photoshop trick. If you lock the black line art level's transparency, the only thing you can then paint on is the non-transparent , black areas. Good way to remove the black line art with color. Especially if you to turn a drawing into more of a painting.

  4. I really liked the B&W, Marty, but WOW! It's amazing how much "scary factor" you've added with the colors (I like your uncropped version best). Now I'm even more nervous about what's going to happen to poor Poops ...

  5. Thanks Beata (and everyone)! I think I like the Grannie in the character bubble best--that and the walls of the shack with the hanging pans.

    Of course, there's lots I'd still like to fix!

  6. MARTY!
    Sorry it took so long to post, but now that I've seen it I think it's great! Love the EC Comic vibe! Hate seeing Ellis, as a child, adult, or otherwise. Well done! Anyway, again thanks for the tribute! Fun and cool. Draw more Cork dammit!

  7. Seeing me in it is like the garnish on your plate Buncake. Maybe not necessary but adds so much class.