Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mining Google Passwords?

Click headline. It doesn't say this, but that cyber attack for google passwords?....
I'm paranoid enough to think this co-incides with not being able to get on the blog about a week ago.

On a a drawing note...
Blackwing 602

I think I'll get a doz of these


  1. I changed mine. Hopefully not too late. I have a lot of forwarded mail and other data filled trash someone would have access with the gmail account . I need to delete all that crap.

  2. I got my notification the the NEW Blackwing too. Looks like they went and made it "almost" identical to the original. They say the lead is a bit harder than their first attempt with the Palomino BW. I like they put the OLD motto back on it. Chances the wood is not as thin as the original, it was a much narrow diameter than standard pencils. I also like the fact that they offer eraser replacements now in white, black and pink. I'll have to get a dozen to test it.

  3. Post some examples when you get them! Reviews please!!

  4. Yeah, I thought someone on this blog had bought some Neo-Blackwings a while back and threatened to review them.

    And then...nada.

  5. It got deleted. Anyway to get to the POINT (pun). In comparison the Palomino Blackwing they first put out was darker, softer and smudgier that the original. Had to be sharpened too frequently. It's not bad but still not as nice as the original. Now with the NEW one they say the lead is harder and it seems to be almost identical in appearance to the original.
    I'll have to get a dozen to test it.