Wednesday, June 1, 2011

B-bye local comics shop...

Click on headline.  Discuss.


  1. Wait, I don't get the article's connection to your title here, Rick...I expected the link to bring me to an end-of-the-line-for-local-comic-shops story...not DC revamping their lineup.

    HOWEVER, on the topic of local comic shops, I make it a point to always buy my books from indy shops whenever humanly possible (tho' I did give in and buy the latest Clowes [a hard-bound "MR. Wonderful"] at the B&N on impulse).

    (I have his WILSON, too, but have promised myself I won't read it until I finish my own book.)

  2. Oh shoot... this article doesn't go into the other details of the reboot. Basically, ALL of their titles will be available for paid download. If you like reading comics on a device, there will be no reason to buy a hardcopy issue.

  3. I like the idea of download. They'll have to get the Simpson's comic book shop guy to weigh in on being turned into a buggy whip dealer.
    The re-imagining is OK. Why not. Very unlikely to ignite anything of interest to me. My neurons already have their grooves and paths as to what a comic book looks like, reads like. Their point is to find new readers.
    I'll read your book Marty.
    Anything Richard Corben does. Some of Mignola. I like Scott Morse, Mignola (of course) and Darwyn Cooke. That's my very unexciting consumer profile.
    I really think animatics (motion comics) may become hot shit if the right artists is doing it. Mignola's Screw On Head was probably the best thus far. The super extended Watchman motion comic was pretty damn good. They should make that available online for free just to stimulate the media offshoot.

  4. Online publishing is the newsprint of the New Millenium.

  5. yeah!! The title bamboozled me!! I was at the comic book store today and there was a line!! People still buy print comics!! (I didn't buy anything though) :-(

    Will this affect the future generations of kids who...don't know what a comic book store is?? My kids just watch videos and aren't really into comics. I've exposed them to it but they prefer videos... and small iphone/ipad games.

  6. Can you say E.M.P.? Then squat, nadda. I'm being a Luddite here and SAY this is a BAD idea. We don't control the tech, it's slowly controlling us. Bad, very bad.

  7. Oh. and Jim Lee the "Anti-Christ" of comics is involved with this plan too. Bad, very BAD.

  8. Is Jim Lee really bad (I am honestly asking)? I never dug that Image stuff, but of all that lot, he seems the better artist.

    I have a soft spot for him since he liked my Wonder Woman (drawing the 'boards for that DC Universe Online trailer). He even asked for me back on project after I'd left for vacation.

    So I LOVE HIM.

  9. I think Jim is a good pin-up artist... that is, he's good at super-hero bad-ass poses. His characters don't emote much beyond the "I'm a bad-ass" expression, and has pretty much a single body/face type for each gender. I don't think his layouts are very good either. His costume designs are so-so. In other words, he's as good as 80% of people who draw comics for a living. (wow, I'm in a harsh mood today!)

    That said, I think he's a really nice guy and pretty humble considering that he's treated by a lot of people as the second coming of Jack Kirby.

  10. Lee's style never drew me in. I think he's just too decorative for me. I like my shapes simple.