Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Gun Nose Chronicles: The Final Edit (mu ha ha ha haaaa)

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I fixed the comment Ellis made. Good on ye, Ellis!

The YouTube video is currently unlisted, so you can only see if you have the share code. Now you have the link from TAG! Best viewing is in HD (720p) because then you can stop it and read the pages. Lower res makes that harder.

This is pretty much the comic as it is now. The credits pages still have a couple of errors (that I have corrected) like Clydene Nee having only ??? after her image and name ... Check it out. I'm pitching it now and will report back if anything fun / notable happens.


  1. Very damn cool. Watched it twice. The first time with my speakers off without realizing it. Better with the trance music.
    Nice work on the motion work. After Effects? Not overdone at any rate. Maybe the beating heart on Schmitzs pin up came close to being overdone. But I hadn't seen the pin up before so maybe that contributed to the idea it was overdone. I wanted to see the art undistorted. It settles into a long enough shot of the art.
    Hope the pitch sets something in motion. I'm sure you're ready to adapt to the changes. If they see GunNose as the next Spongebob... Tally-Ho ! Just do it.

  2. If that Rick Schmitz comment was worth making, Ellis, then it was worth correcting. Next version will have the straight in, no bump bump effect. I'll keep the rest as is. And yes, After Effects.

  3. I felt the power of aftereffects was very restrained and that was probably to you being an experienced user. I know I got way to cute by half with my own reel of drawings using storyboard pro. Just heard a quote tonight, that in the midst of kinetic dancers, it is the still figure that draws the eye.

  4. I'm intrigued that we're the only ones discussing this. I'll put the edited video up just shortly, then tomorrow morning I'll remove it.


  5. I'm here! Looks grand! I assume you will be selling issues at Comic Con... I will see you there!

  6. I have no money to print issues to sell this year. My goal is to have a publishing agreement (or some other news) to announce at the show. I'm starting pitching this week.

  7. You should make a PDF and have a couple of Lulu versions available. Print On Demand. That way we could order copies if we feel like parting with the money for what has to be a small run high price. Plus if you decide you want a buck or more for it.

    I'm going to be working on my art sample PDF today. I'll let you know when It's ready.

    Probably in about 3 days.