Friday, June 10, 2011

Blackwing 602 tests

I got in the NEW Palamino Blackwing 602. I tested it to the original 602 and the Palamino Blackwing. My final take is the ORIGINAL is still better, but the Palamoino 602 is an improvement over the Palamino Blackwing. They said they made the Palamino 602 harder is true but it's not as hard as the original. If they make the lead harder it might be comparable to the original. It's better but it's just not there yet. You can just tell by the handwritten comparison. The Palamino Blackwing is a lost cause, It's just TOO soft, smudgy and gritty. The Palamino 602 is a lot less gritty and it is a smoother but it does smudge but not as much as the Palamino BW. In my opinion, the ORIGINAL IS STILL THE BEST. The New 602 is good and can be used but until they fudge the lead formula it still won't be as good as the original. Close but no cigar.


  1. Thanks for the review. If you already have yours, i should get mine tomorrow. I'll give mine the same sort of look. I still have half an original blackwing left.

  2. I'm afraid I've never been very sentimental over a pencil. Now my Pilot disposable brush pens, that's a whole other story...