Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Maiden drawing + new sketches

Added and head and shoulders one too,
Unfinished but I've used up another drawing pad and these two were the last. Figured I'd post


  1. Better and better. I love that you have moved on from just the head and shoulders, and now we can see the whole upper body. I assume we will see leg and footwear next, and after that...?

    Nice use of color and shading, but it's not just about technique; you present us with a personal vision of the world. That's what really counts; the end expression of visual ideas. You can look at a Frazetta, a Wyeth, a Hopper and say "That's their world and nobody else's."

    I also love her six-pack abs.

  2. I like the blending of sci-fi and primeval in your world, Jim.

  3. Agree with Tom on being entertained watching your progression/development of this motif over the weeks and months.

    And I love a rhino head shoulder pad!

  4. thanks guys, appreciate the comments. Trying to march to my own drummer these days. I was thinking of "A" Marty when I did the Rhino. I remember his fascination with the texture of the skin in his sculptures. It's a mix of white and black rhino. sci-fi and primeval, yeah that's the ticket I think. Been going back and looking at old ideas I played around with decades ago and these are the results. Wanna be ME not Them!!!!LOL!!!

  5. Your designs keep getting more fantastic and detailed. The full figure looks great. I can't wait to see more.

  6. Ah! Very nice additions to the collection.