Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Colors, Dave Garcia's artwork ... still teasing on the 3rd Page ...

I MADE A FEW CHANGES ... Mostly in the last three panels on Page 2.

Dave Garcia did the pencils, inks, and letters. My colors. The third page is still being inked ...

If anyone knows an active editorial connection at Dark Horse, I'd like to have it. I need to begin finding a home for Gun Nose Chronicles ... so far, Top Shelf has said they'd like to see some .jpgs to determine if it fits their portfolio of titles ...


  1. Nice color work Tom. The story fragment is well done funny business.
    Don't know anybody at Dark Horse. David Scroggy is a facebook friend. I think.
    I just lost a friend according to my count. Is tere anyway to find out who has unfriended you. I have so many non-friend friends I wouldn't know half of the people who might have dropped me.

  2. Wow ... I'd just go out and sign up two new friends to replace the one who dropped. But I'm a glass half full kind of guy ... good luck with it.

  3. Oh, yeah. My script for all the stories. I may contribute art on a story, too, but right now I'm focusing on getting everyone's contributions in, inked, colored, lettered ... in other words: finished.

  4. Hey, I never got my 3rd page to color!