Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finally, that third page ...

TAG members get special access ... ;-)

Colored and added the inked version of Dave Garcia's third page of Have Gun Nose Will Travel.



  1. The best part is searching the picture for all the little "in" jokes, especially in the last page. The look and feel of the whole strip is nicely Mad Magazine-ish; like Jack Davis's "Lone Stranger". (I was just looking at my books of the old Mad classics last night.)

  2. I'm with Tom Moon. This is a lot of fun. Reads a lot better than the last incarnation of the page and also seems funnier for some reason

  3. ...and I was watching an episode of Paladin a few months ago on Netflix. It was actually a pretty good series.

  4. Richard Boone certainly had a nose. Like the old lady whispered to her little girl about W C Fields nose, "don't you wish you had that nose filled with nickels?"

  5. The Bank Dick. And it was a little Boy making comments about his funny nose.
    "You mustn't make fun of the gentleman, Clifford. You'd like to have a nose like that full of nickels, wouldn't you? "
    I think Fields kicks him at some point.