Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yeah, I'm still around

Been here but lurking, got tired of Marty razzing (lol). Nothing new but trying to keep a roof over my head living on peanuts. Have a few freelance gigs, small but better than nothing. Waiting feedback on a possible return to my contract gig in a month, seems they POSSIBLY need my talents again . I'll wait and see. heres some sketchbook stuff with some Photoshop adjustments. Oh joy.


  1. Keep razzing, Marty. I Love Jim's Dopey-Hot Space-Girls.

  2. Wait a minute...could it--is it--??


    Krayonzilla returns!!

    Great to see you back! Love what the sepia-tone does to these--like they chronicle a long-lost future race, like Dune or something...(I started to watch that movie, but it was getting late...and then the DVR bombed it out to make room for McClintock [which in turn was bombed out by the Indy 500]).

    But, hey: JIMMY!!

  3. What Photoshop button did you push?? Looks good. I see improvement.

  4. I pushed the "RED" button (LOL)