Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is it too early to start talking about Comic Con?

Comic Con!  Who's going?


  1. I may be a no-show if I don't have disposable income by July-late.
    If I don't show, I'll send to some lucky guy my bar-code deal. They should just take the barcode without ID. That barcode is worth my badge plus a guest. Solid Gold. We'll see.

  2. Are you going Rick?? Are we doing a dinner dealio??

  3. Yes and Yes! Or Lunch thing or somethin. I'm at the whims of Mr. Moon until Late Sat. night as I will not have wheels until then. :)

    Also I suspect that my wife is attempting to get a hold of your wife. How long will you be in SD after the convention... it would be nice to have a whole family hook up.

  4. I am at Artist's Alley again, possibly doing some interviewing as a video host (I know -- blush blush) ... but mostly turning people into robots and zombies. My stock in trade. I will meet up with anyone who wants to meet up. ;-)

  5. Artist Alley again! That's a much coveted spot!

    I suspect that my wife has been in contact with your wife as well, Mr. Carroll.

    Regardless, Let's do a big TAG hook up!

  6. When is the Con...?

    I would definitely make the trip down to dine with my TAG brethren.