Sunday, May 15, 2011

I do believe the Autism Con sketchbook deadline has come due.

If you had something done. Send it to Brad Constantine. I notice he has a SOE email. Hopefully that still works for him.
I did a dual drawing. This same drawing is on the Ratfist fan art page. But I did it with the Autism book in mind.


  1. Does the book have a theme? I've signed up to do a drawing but I wanted to know if I should do any ol' thing or if I should be working toward some specific idea.

  2. Here was the main body of Brad's email
    The working Title is “Drawing Hope, A Sketchbook for Autism #1”. The art format will be 10 inches by 8 inches, and must be in black and white. You can do portrait or landscape aspect. The only other rule is that the subject matter must be PG rated.(maybe PG 13) beyond that, the subject matter is up to you. If you have a character you draw, by all means do that if you like, .Let’s make this the best Comic Con sketchbook available this year… Final art must be received no later than June 1st to be included. I’d love to see a sketch by may 1st if possible.

  3. Well, I guess I'm a little late for May 1st.

    Thanks for the info, Ellis!

  4. Cool Ratfist! I like Zonzen better though.

  5. Thanks. Zonzen was my peak. 15 years ago