Friday, May 20, 2011

Jeff's Super Duper Brushes- Thanks JEFF!

Don't left click. You'll get a bunch of ascii looking text.

Here's a page explaining installing tool presets....

The brushes are great! I've been dabbling with them. I'll do a little digital goodness tonight and share later.
The top color version I've got the line art on top level as I showed in that tutorial a month ago. Then you LOCK the transparency and color those lines. Deleting line with color if you choose.
Then the color layer is just playing with the cool brushes. Really dig the brushes.
I'll do something pure digital eventually.


  1. I'm all about new brushes... didn't have any luck with right or left click, though. :(

  2. Right click>save as...doesn't that appear?

  3. One bit of trickiness I notice, it asks me, on my mac, if I want to save as "pdf." I have to select "all" files. Then it saves the Slim.tpl file to my desktop fine. Just did it again to check.

  4. I'm not sure if it works this way, but this tpl dropped into pre-sets may have also included some cool eraser pre-sets.

  5. Cool! Thanks for the demo, I'll have to chez these....

    Finally managed to get back into Blogger--was it funky for you guys the last few days?? My headers were all funky, wouldn't let me log in, called me bad names, etc....

    But I'm back now!

  6. Yes. Same here. Blogspot wouldn't let me in with a password I know was right. Chechen terrorists probably have all our google info now.