Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Drwng

Felt tip...fer a friend (do you guys remember Scott McMahon?).

Happy Tuesday. I love Rick's drawings. It was great to see Jeff post something, too, wasn't it?

Now we need Thompson to come through! Ron, are you listening??

(Jimmy, Tom Moon, etc.: I've almost given up....)


  1. I remember Scott! Nice drawing, too!

  2. Splendid characters. Colored sugar cube color makes it even more appealing.

  3. We remember, him of course! Ellis and I helped him make a movie. The All-Powerful Dark Overlord failed to show up so I had to be the Dark Overlord stand-in. Ellis, why couldn't you be the Dark Overlord?

    Anyhoo, great drawing! colorful!!

  4. Now if you're talking about that Kung Fu short he did. i didn't help with that. I remember thinking back then what a great digestion he had done of Jackie Chan choreography. He was quite the athlete to go with that sense of action editing..It was him and Weesner introducing me and other Blue Sky-ers to the obscure, at that time, Jackie Chan.

  5. Ron Thompson!!

    The cinematic opus to which you refer is of course "The Saspian Waterfall"! Your totally inspired "hiss take" as the Evil Overlord is in my all-time top-five cinema cuts. You were brilliant!

    Great to hear from you! And glad you guys liked the drawing!

  6. Ellis, are you thinking of "The Avenger X" project? That was Scott's Kung-Fu project that followed the movie where Ron played The Evil Overlord...oh wait, maybe you are thinking of one of the henchmen attacking Scott in the forest primeval in the Saspian Waterfall? Were you one of those?

    Hey, I've got a copy of the video--I can check that out right now....

    p.s. none of our indy-efforts come anywhere near The Chin Puppet Movie. That is the gold-standard.

  7. I only remember the kung fu short. I wasn't a part of his video efforts. I can't get a minds eye view of the Dark Overlord movie.