Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lovely Faux-Alpine Structures in the Hinterlands

View across from the Kenmore Bus Stop waiting for the 371 Express. Had to take public transit as the battery konked out. Left the interior light on. Oopsy-doopsy.


  1. Hard to say what I like best. Probably composition. The wiggly wires running down along with the straight adds a lot of appeal.

  2. Holy smokes, Thompson does it again!

    Ron, your stuff always looks so great. One thing that grabs me right away is your perspective on the roofs: interesting to see perspective so super-correct on something so subtle (a rare thing anywhere). Normally when I think of your work, I think of it as accomplishing the opposite of this--doing the very rare thing of making wonky cartoon perspective believable (and unobtrusively so--cartooniness in the very best taste).

    It's very interesting to see you doing the opposite!

    I'm thinking Old Thompson would have made the roofs line up in a more orthographic view, then drawn all the secondary structures with characteristic artistry.

    You continue to stretch the limits of the possible!

    (I still want to see some color worked back into your ouevre!)

  3. You inspire me to carry a sketchbook!!! In addition to the drawing I love the matching font too!

  4. The font really puts it over the top...love it.